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Dreatime Movies Universal Ltd
54 Oxford Road, Skagnes SK3 4RG
Tel: 0223 123 4567 Fax: 0223 765 4321
Email: info@dreamtimemovies.com.uk

22 January 20.....................

Lingua Services Galactic Ltd
69 Milk Road

Dear Sirs

Translation Brochure

I should be grateful if you would send us your brochure and price list about your translation services.

We are currently developing our sales literature and web sites and are interested in translating these into five languages apart from English.

I look forward to hearing from you.

Yours faithfully
Andrea Philips
Andrea Philips
Marketing Manager


Lingua Services Galactic Ltd
69 Milk Street, LONDON SW7 6AW, UK
Tel: +44 20 123 4567 Fax: +44 20 765 4321
Email: info@linguaservicesgalactic.com

30 January 20.....................

Ms Andrea Philips
Dreamtime Movies Universal Ltd
54 Oxford Road

Dear Ms Philips

Translation Services and Fees

Thank you for your letter of 22 January enquiring about our translation services.

Lingua Services Galactic offer a full range of translation services to help you in the development of sales literature and web sites. I have pleasure in enclosing our latest brochure and price list from which you can see that our prices are highly competitive.

I look forward to calling you in a few days.

Yours sincerely

James Brown
James Brown
Sales Manager

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